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Common Era: Racism is Not What You Think (S2 Episode 03)

Mar 16 2022, 08:00 AM

Annmarie and Matshidiso begin this episode redefining and clarifying the definition of racism, and the very concept of different races among human beings. Looking at racism as a mechanism of maintaining power, they break down the differences between racism and prejudice; or the classification of people groups; or the pre-judgments that might come about from people who have suffered at the hands of others. It’s a conversation that will be familiar to many, and yet, as it unfolds, it’s clear why the discussion is still ongoing, and why we still need greater, radical honesty from white voices in this sphere.

More about our guests:

Annmarie Lewis OBE is a leading business and justice consultant – sought after in the fields of Justice Systems, Strategy, Business/Organisational Development and Design and Executive Leadership. Having previously founded her own award winning social enterprise, and consultancy business, she is also an accomplished academic, trainer and executive coach. Her passion and specialisms are within the youth justice sector, where she has worked across the entire spectrum of end to end justice, spanning 25 years.

A classically trained pianist, Matshidiso is also a composer, arranger and singer-songwriter. With a background in human rights law, her passion is to use music and creativity to promote human rights and justice-based projects. Matshidiso also has a podcast Holding Up the Ladder where she interviews people about their creative processes — https://holdingtheladder.com

See the full Season 2 playlist on YouTube, or listen to the audio-only podcast here.

Passionist Life Common Era: The Justice at the Heart of God (S2 Episode 06)

Common Era: The Justice at the Heart of God (S2 Episode 06)

In the final episode of this season, we return to an ongoing theme: what does a just society really look like, and how can we get there?

Apr 06 2022

Passionist Life Common Era: Does Punishment Even Work? (S2 Episode 05)

Common Era: Does Punishment Even Work? (S2 Episode 05)

If the prison system we've created is ultimately a failure, what kind of approach could take its place?

Mar 31 2022

Passionist Life Common Era: A Church That Gives Up Power (S2 Episode 04)

Common Era: A Church That Gives Up Power (S2 Episode 04)

We should expect the church to go further in its action against racism; will we give up comfort and power to address the sins of the past?

Mar 23 2022